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#BUS4RoBOOST - “BUILD UP Skills” for mainstreaming long-term renovation of Romanian building stock

About the project

The project aims at rebooting the National Qualification Platform (NQP), Status Quo Analysis (SQA) and National Roadmap developed under the BUILD UP Skills Romania project (ROBUST), to ensure alignment with the EU 2030 targets. The project will address qualification needs for the construction sector and will evaluate the effectiveness of the first National Roadmap implementation, in order to update the National strategy, including mapping the skills needs and recommendations for certification, qualification/ training of both ‘blue-collar’ and ‘white-collar’ professionals in Romania to reflect the new qualification needs. The NQP gathering all relevant recognised stakeholders, in both buildings and education/training sectors in Romania, will be engaged in an active consultation process with a view to revise the SQA and National Roadmap to reflect the new realities of the building sector, while taking into account all relevant skills needed to enable the Clean Energy Transition, in particular the EU Renovation Wave, the mainstreaming of NZEBs, and the inclusion of resource efficiency considerations. The project will be implemented by a consortium with complementary background and expertise in energy efficiency and renewable use in buildings, as well as moderating and communicating skills, life-long learning expertise and public administration, consisting in: the national research institute for construction sector (URBAN-INCERC), the relevant public authority (MDLPA), the leading university of civil engineering (UTCB), an energy network of 30 municipalities (OER), two representative clusters for the addressed sectors (Pro-nZEB and Cluster TEC), a relevant professional association (AIIR) and a management consultancy company (BDG). Based on the active consultation and involvement of the key actors, it is envisaged that the updated national roadmap will be endorsed by relevant authorities and stakeholders with a commitment to carry out and implement the proposed strategy.

Implementation Partners
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