Platforma Nationala de Calificare

The National Qualification Platform was created within the BUILD UP Skills Romania (ROBUST) project by gathering all relevant recognised stakeholders, in both the building and the education/training sectors in Romania to work together in an active consultation process. The main purpose of this platform was to define and implement the general strategy and the roadmap to embed training on intelligent energy solutions for buildings in the mainstream curricula and practice of building professionals.

The BUILD UP Skills QualiShell project proposes to continue the involvement of relevant stakeholders within the Romanian Qualification Platform, in a sustained consultation process to support the implementation of key measures defined in the BUILD UP Skills Romania Roadmap, as well as to validating, implementing and monitoring the proposed qualification schemes.

The key actors and stakeholders wtihin the National Qualification Platform initiated are represented, on one hand, by the members of the consortium, and on the other hand, by the main responsible bodies in each relevant sector of involvement, as well as by relevant organisations with strong expertise and market involvement, in relation with energy efficiency in buildings. It is intended to use the National Qualification Platform as a common platform to facilitate interaction between companies supplying training and qualification services, contractors and employees, in relation to construction market.

Denumire organizatie / institutieCategorie "key actor"Domeniu de competenta / interes
Institutul National de Cercetare-Dezvoltare in Constructii Urbanism si Dezvoltare Teritoriala DurabilaINCDConstructii
Grupul pentru calitatea sistemelor de termoizolatieAsociatie / FederatieConstructii
Patronatul Societatilor din ConstructiiAsociatie / FederatieConstructii
Business Development GroupConsultanta / serviciiEficienta energetica
Autoritatea Nationala pentru CalificariAutoritate centralaFormare profesionala
Centrul National De Dezvoltare A Invatamantului Profesional si TehnicAutoritate centralaFormare profesionala
Comitetul Sectorial in ConstructiiConstructii
Ministerul Dezvoltarii Regionale si Administratiei PubliceAutoritate centralaConstructii
Ministerul Economiei, Departamentul pentru Energie
Autoritate centrala
Ministerul Muncii, Familiei, Protectiei Sociale si Persoanelor Varstnice/ AM POSDRUAutoritate centralaFormare profesionala
Ministerul Mediului si Schimbarilor ClimaticeAutoritate centralaMediu/protectia mediului
Ministerul Educatiei NationaleAutoritate centralaFormare profesionala
Ministerul IMM-urilor, Turismului si Mediului de AfaceriAutoritate centralaConstructii
Ministerul Fondurilor EuropeneAutoritate centrala
24 Consulting SRLConstructii
3M SECURITY SYSTEMSCompanii / Societati comercialeTamplarie
A. Volosevici & Placinta SRLConstructii
ACMC Envelope and Road Construction SRLConstructii
Activ Invest Construct SRLConstructii
ACURELA INTERNATIONALCompanii / Societati comercialeTamplarie
Acvatot SRLConstructii
Adeplast SAConstructii
Administratia Fondului pentru Mediu Autoritate centralaMediu/protectia mediului
Adrian Construct SRLConstructii
Advan Construcutii SRLConstructii
Aeroportul Iasi
Agacon SRLConstructii
AGC FLAT GLASS ROMANIACompanii / Societati comercialeTamplarie
Agentia Metropolitana BrasovAsociatie / FederatieEficienta energetica
Agentia Nationala pentru Ocuparea Fortei de MuncaAutoritate centralaFormare profesionala
Agentia pentru Dezvoltare Regionala Bucuresti-Ilfov
Agentia pentru Dezvoltare Regionala Muntentia
Agentia pentru Dezvoltare Regionala Vest
Agentia pentru Eficienta Energetica si Energii RegenerabileAgentie eficienta energeticaEficienta energetica
Agentia pentru Eficienta Energetica si Protectia Mediului BucurestiAgentie eficienta energeticaEficienta energetica
AGOTERM '93Companii / Societati comercialeTamplarie
Agrecom SRLConstructii
Agrosimonika SRLConstructii
AL PLAST CONFCompanii / Societati comercialeTamplarie
ALCON PLUSCompanii / Societati comercialeTamplarie
Alexandra Management & Constructii SRLConstructii
ALPROCompanii / Societati comercialeTamplarie
Alter Ego Group System SRLConstructii
ALU DESIGNCompanii / Societati comercialeTamplarie
ALUCOCompanii / Societati comercialeTamplarie
ALUKONIGSTAHLCompanii / Societati comercialeTamplarie
ALUMIL ROM INDUSTRYCompanii / Societati comercialeTamplarie
ALUMINIUM PROMOTION COCompanii / Societati comercialeTamplarie
ALUPROF SYSTEM ROMANIACompanii / Societati comercialeTamplarie
ALUSTEEL CONSTRUCTCompanii / Societati comercialeTamplarie
American Construction Technologies SRLConstructii
Amvic Ferestre SRLConstructii
Anconi Construct SRLConstructii
Andro Rami Cons SRLConstructii
Andy Construct SRLConstructii
Antrepriza Caila SRLConstructii
APA NOVA BUCURE?TI S.A.Formare profesionala
APLASTCompanii / Societati comercialeTamplarie
Apolodor Comimpex SRLConstructii
Aqua Prociv Proiect SRLConstructii
Arbeco SRLConstructii
ARCON CORINA GEALANCompanii / Societati comercialeTamplarie
Arcon SRLConstructii
Argos Industrial SRLConstructii
Argos SAConstructii
AROTEM SRLConstructii
Art Design & Construct SRLConstructii
Art Ego SRLConstructii
Artre Studio SRLConstructii
ASOC. ALT. PROF. VICTORIAFurnizor formare profesionalaFormare profesionala
Asociatia Auditorilor Energetici pentru Cladiri din RomaniaAsociatie / FederatieEficienta energetica
Asociatia Generala a Inginerilor din RomaniaAsociatie / FederatieConstructii
Asociatia Inapoi la MuncaFurnizori cursuri de calificare in constructiiInstruire
Asociatia Municipiilor din RomaniaAutoritate centralaEficienta energetica
Asociatia Nationala a Centrelor de Evaluare din RomaniaAsociatie / FederatieFormare profesionala
Asociatia pentru Locuinte NoiAsociatie / FederatieConstructii
Asociatia Producatorilor de Materiale pentru Constructii din Romania Asociatie / FederatieEficienta energetica
Asociatia producatorilor de polistiren expandatAsociatie / FederatieConstructii
Asociatia Producatorilor si Importatorilor de Vata Minerala Asociatie / FederatieConstructii
Asociatia Romana a Evaluatorilor de CompetenteAsociatie / Federatie
Asociatia Romana pentru Locuinte - Casa PlusONGEficienta energetica
Asociatia Patronala a Furnizorilor de Formare Profesionala din RomaniaAsociatie / FederatieFormare profesionala
Asociatia Romana a Antreprenorilor In ConstructiiAsociatie / FederatieConstructii
Asociatia Studen?ilor din Construc?ii Bucure?tiAsociatie / FederatieConstructii
Astek SAConstructii
Attico Barter Club SRLConstructii
Autoprima Serv SRLConstructii
Autoritatea Nationala de Reglementare in Domeniul EnergieiAutoritate centralaEficienta energetica
Axa Invest SRLConstructii
AXIS GRUP CONSTRUCTCompanii / Societati comercialeTamplarie
BAUMIT RomaniaCompanii / Societati comercialeConstructii
B.D.M.Companii / Societati comercialeTamplarie
Beta Building Solution SRLConstructii
Betak SRLConstructii
Betarmex SRLConstructii
Birou Individual de Arhitectura Mihaela DavidConstructii
Bog'art SRLConstructii
Bog'art Vest (filiala Vest)Constructii
BORDAS IND GROUPCompanii / Societati comercialeTamplarie
Braco Engineering SRLConstructii
Buildings Performance Institute EuropeOrganizatie internationalaEficienta energetica
Cadra Art Construct SRLConstructii
Camera de Comert si Industrie a Municipiului BucurestiAsociatie / FederatieConstructii
Camera deputatilorAutoritate centralaEficienta energetica
Casa Corpului Didactic a Municipiului BucurestiFormare profesionala
Casa Design SRLConstructii
CASAGRANDECompanii / Societati comercialeTamplarie
Cash Control Management SRLConstructii
Centrul pentru Promovarea Energiei Curate si Efieciente in RomaniaONGEficienta energetica
Century From Theo SRLConstructii
Ceramica SA IasiConstructii
CESAROMCompanii / Societati comercialeTamplarie
Ci Ci Consult SRLConstructii
Cilas CF SRLConstructii
COCC Soft Construct SRLConstructii
Codrexim Serv Com SRLConstructii
Colegiul Tehnic Anghyel Saligny
Colegiul Tehnic Mihai Bravu
COLOSEUM TRADINGCompanii / Societati comercialeTamplarie
Com Util SRLConstructii
Comatchim international SAConstructii
Comitetul National Roman al Consiliului Mondial al EnergieiAsociatie / FederatieEficienta energetica
Comitetul Sectorial Energie Electrica, Termica, Petrol si GazeEficienta energetica
Comitetul Sectorial pentru Formare Profesionala in domeniul Protectiei MediuluiMediu/protectia mediului
Comitetul Sectorial Silvicultura, Exploatarea ?i Prelucrarea Lemnului, Industria MobileiMediu/protectia mediului
Compact S Grup SRLConstructii
Comprest Util SRLConstructii
Comtiem SRLConstructii
Con Civitas SRLConstructii
Conest SAConstructii
CONEXPERT GROUPCompanii / Societati comercialeTamplarie
CONF BINALE IMPEXCompanii / Societati comercialeTamplarie
Conimpex Company SRLConstructii
Conplast SAConstructii
Consilier Construct SRLConstructii
Consiliul Judetean AlbaAutoritate localaEficienta energetica
Consiliul Judetean AradAutoritate localaEficienta energetica
Consiliul Judetean ArgesAutoritate localaEficienta energetica
Consiliul Judetean BacauAutoritate localaEficienta energetica
Consiliul Judetean Bihor Autoritate localaEficienta energetica
Consiliul Judetean Bistrita NasaudAutoritate localaEficienta energetica
Consiliul Judetean BotosaniAutoritate localaEficienta energetica
Consiliul Judetean BrailaAutoritate localaEficienta energetica
Consiliul Judetean BrasovAutoritate localaEficienta energetica
Consiliul Judetean BuzauAutoritate localaEficienta energetica
Consiliul Judetean CalarasiAutoritate localaEficienta energetica
Consiliul Judetean Caras SeverinAutoritate localaEficienta energetica
Consiliul Judetean ClujAutoritate localaEficienta energetica
Consiliul Judetean ConstantaAutoritate localaEficienta energetica
Consiliul Judetean CovasnaAutoritate localaEficienta energetica
Consiliul Judetean DambovitaAutoritate localaEficienta energetica
Consiliul Judetean DoljAutoritate localaEficienta energetica
Consiliul Judetean GalatiAutoritate localaEficienta energetica
Consiliul Judetean Giurgiu Autoritate localaEficienta energetica
Consiliul Judetean GorjAutoritate localaEficienta energetica
Consiliul Judetean HarghitaAutoritate localaEficienta energetica
Consiliul Roman pentru Cladiri VerziAsociatie / FederatieMediu/protectia mediului
Consis Proiect SRLConstructii
Constrial Compact SRLConstructii
Construct Edil SRLConstructii
Consult Finance SRLConstructii
Conti SAConstructii
Contrax SRLConstructii
Con-Trim SRLConstructii
Cop Construct SRLConstructii
Cora Construct SRLConstructii
Coratim SRLConstructii
Cridov SRLConstructii
Cripan Concept SRLConstructii
Crirox Group Construct SRLConstructii
Cris Crisco SRLConstructii
Dafora SAConstructii
Damami International SRLConstructii
Das SRLConstructii
DECOR LUXCompanii / Societati comercialeTamplarie
Decovex Plus SRLConstructii
DELTA ACM 93 SRLConstructii
Demicons SRLConstructii
Den Braven Romania Comex SRLConstructii
DK EXPO SRLConstructii
DLV Floorings SRLConstructii
Domcons SRLConstructii
Druckfarben Romania SRLConstructii
ECO FRIGOTEHNICACompanii / Societati comercialeTamplarie
ECSERV INTERPRODCompanii / Societati comercialeTamplarie
Edelweiss Holding SRLConstructii
Eden Tower Grup SRLConstructii
Edil Danci Proiect SRLConstructii
Edit Work Construct SRLConstructii
EGEEA DESIGNCompanii / Societati comercialeTamplarie
Eldacons SRLConstructii
ELECTRIC PLUSCompanii / Societati comercialeTamplarie
El-Mont SRLConstructii
Elpreco SRLConstructii
ELUMATECCompanii / Societati comercialeTamplarie
Emsal SRLConstructii
Energy Efficiency Finance FacilityEficienta energetica
Eraly SRLConstructii
Erbasu Edil Construct SRLConstructii
Erbasu SAConstructii
Erbasu Total Construct SRLConstructii
ETEM SYSTEMSCompanii / Societati comercialeTamplarie
Europlastic SRLConstructii
Eurovia Construct International SRLConstructii
Evesicran COM SRLConstructii
Expert Design Concept SRLConstructii
Fabryo Corporation SRLConstructii
FAR EST WINDOWSCompanii / Societati comercialeTamplarie
Federa?ia Generala a Sindicatelor FAMILIAPartener social / sindicatFormare profesionala
FINK FENSTERCompanii / Societati comercialeTamplarie
Firos SAConstructii
FLEXXELFCompanii / Societati comercialeTamplarie
Foradex SAConstructii
Fundatia Societatea Romana de AcusticaConstructii
Gabifel SRLConstructii
Gecam Construct SRLConstructii
Geluval Stor SRLConstructii
General Tehnic SRLConstructii
GEOCELPROCompanii / Societati comercialeTamplarie
Geostrad Construct SRLConstructii
GEPLASCompanii / Societati comercialeTamplarie
GEROMCompanii / Societati comercialeTamplarie
Getema Production SRLConstructii
GIGA PRODCompanii / Societati comercialeTamplarie
GIPCompanii / Societati comercialeTamplarie
Gis System Security SRLConstructii
GLASS EXPERTCompanii / Societati comercialeTamplarie
Glulam SAConstructii
GRUP IRIS COMCompanii / Societati comercialeTamplarie
GU FERROM COMCompanii / Societati comercialeTamplarie
Guvernul RomanieiAutoritate centralaEficienta energetica
Habau PPS Pipeline Systems SRLConstructii
HANDING EN GROSCompanii / Societati comercialeTamplarie
HD CONSULTIG GRUPCompanii / Societati comercialeTamplarie
Henkel RomaniaCompanii / Societati comercialeConstructii
HIDROCONSTRUCTIA BucurestiCompanii / Societati comercialeConstructii
Holmann & CO SRLConstructii
House Construct Invest Environment SRLConstructii
IAT Global SRLConstructii
ICECON SAConstructii
Impex Ovi SRLConstructii
IMROGLASSCompanii / Societati comercialeTamplarie
IMSAT - Muntenia SAConstructii
IMSAT SAConstructii
Inaq Consulting SRLConstructii
Industrial Gaz Proiect SRLConstructii
Inonique SRLConstructii
Instalatii Management& Distribution SRLConstructii
Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies Romania SRL Companii / Societati comercialeEficienta energetica
Institutul de Cercetari ?i Modernizari EnergeticeINCDEficienta energetica
Institutul de Cercetari pentru Echipamente si Tehnologii in Constructii INCDEficienta energetica
Institutul de Studii si Proiectari EnergeticeCompanii / Societati comercialeEficienta energetica
Institutul pentru Dezvoltarea Resurselor UmaneFurnizori cursuri de calificare in constructiiFormare profesionala
INTERCOM TOPAZCompanii / Societati comercialeTamplarie
INVEST PRODCompanii / Societati comercialeTamplarie
IPG Impact SRLConstructii
IPM Partners Romania SRLConstructii
Isoplus Romania SRLConstructii
ISPCF Constructii
ItalPav SRLConstructii
Itels-Ge SRLConstructii
Izocon Grup SRLConstructii
Kraftanlagen Romania SRLConstructii
Laboratorul Central SAConstructii
LIDER PLASTCompanii / Societati comercialeTamplarie
Liga Asociatiilor de Proprietari Habitat ONGEficienta energetica
LIPOPLASTCompanii / Societati comercialeTamplarie
Lir AG Grup SAConstructii
Logstor SRLConstructii
Loreto Exim SRLConstructii
LTS SRLConstructii
LUCANIKCompanii / Societati comercialeTamplarie
Lufin Construct SRLConstructii
LUSTIC INVESTCompanii / Societati comercialeTamplarie
Luxbau SRLConstructii
M GROUP ALPROPLASTCompanii / Societati comercialeTamplarie
M&M Company Construct SRLConstructii
M2 Emmedue RO SRLConstructii
Mada Elemente de Constructii SRLConstructii
MAJEXIM INTERNATIONALCompanii / Societati comercialeTamplarie
Marami Construct SRLConstructii
Marbis Production SRLConstructii
Mari Vila ComConstructii
MARK HOLZCompanii / Societati comercialeTamplarie
MASTER PRODCompanii / Societati comercialeTamplarie
MBS Group SRLConstructii
MELCRET ATCompanii / Societati comercialeTamplarie
MELCRET SACompanii / Societati comercialeTamplarie
Mercurysof SRL(filiala Galati)Constructii
Merit Group SRLConstructii
Metacon Rep SRLConstructii
Metty Engineers SRLConstructii
MG Painting System SRL (filiala Galati)Constructii
MHB CONSMETCompanii / Societati comercialeTamplarie
Miliconstruct SRLConstructii
Millennium Art Construct SRLConstructii
MIMO GROUPCompanii / Societati comercialeTamplarie
MITMANCompanii / Societati comercialeTamplarie
MOBISTARCompanii / Societati comercialeTamplarie
MODERN AMBIENTCompanii / Societati comercialeTamplarie
Modern Construct SRLConstructii
Modimorom Cons SRLConstructii
Mondo Consult
Mont Plast SRL (Ploiesti)Constructii
New Europe Consulting SRLConstructii
NGC Construct SRLConstructii
Nic-Moldfinex SRLConstructii
Nimada SRLConstructii
Nord Hire Development SRLConstructii
Nouvel Habitat Exim SRLConstructii
OLTCHIM DMCCompanii / Societati comercialeTamplarie
OPTIMEDIACompanii / Societati comercialeTamplarie
Orase Energie RomaniaAsociatie / FederatieEficienta energetica
Ordinul Arhitectilor din RomaniaAsociatie / FederatieConstructii
PAB Active Development SRLConstructii
PALLADIUM PROFILESCompanii / Societati comercialeTamplarie
PAN SARMISCompanii / Societati comercialeTamplarie
Panpetrol Com SRLConstructii
PAS Instal SRLConstructii
Patronatul Na?ional al Furnizorilor de Formare ?i Evaluare a Competen?elor Profesionale din Romania
Patronatul National Roman
Patronatul Producatorilor si Montatorilor de Geamuri, Ferestre si FatadeAsociatie / FederatieConstructii
Pedro Company Constructexim SRLConstructii
Pelas Company SRLConstructii
PERSEFONA 2001Companii / Societati comercialeTamplarie
Petcu Construct SRLConstructii
Petroconstruct Group SRLConstructii
PIETTA GLASS WORKINGCompanii / Societati comercialeTamplarie
PIMAPEN LOGISTIC CENTERCompanii / Societati comercialeTamplarie
Pipelife Romania SRLConstructii
Piropo Construct SRLConstructii
Plus Confort SRLConstructii
Prefab Construct SRLConstructii
Prefabricate CeramiceConstructii
PRESTAREACompanii / Societati comercialeTamplarie
Primaria JilavaAutoritate localaEficienta energetica
Primaria AIUDAutoritate localaEficienta energetica
Primaria ALBA IULIAAutoritate localaEficienta energetica
Primaria AVRIGAutoritate localaEficienta energetica
Primaria BAIA MAREAutoritate localaEficienta energetica
Primaria Balotesti Autoritate localaEficienta energetica
Primaria BISTRITAAutoritate localaEficienta energetica
Primaria BragadiruAutoritate localaEficienta energetica
Primaria BRASOVAutoritate localaEficienta energetica
Primaria BUCURESTIAutoritate localaEficienta energetica
Primaria BUZAUAutoritate localaEficienta energetica
Primaria CALARASIAutoritate localaEficienta energetica
Primaria ChiajnaAutoritate localaEficienta energetica
Primaria Cluj-NapocaAutoritate localaEficienta energetica
Primaria Comunei Liesti
Primaria CRAIOVAAutoritate localaEficienta energetica
Primaria CUGIRAutoritate localaEficienta energetica
Primaria DEVAAutoritate localaEficienta energetica
Primaria FAGARASAutoritate localaEficienta energetica
Primaria FOCSANIAutoritate localaEficienta energetica
Primaria GIURGIUAutoritate localaEficienta energetica
Primaria IASIAutoritate localaEficienta energetica
Primaria MEDIASAutoritate localaEficienta energetica
Primaria MIERCUREA -CIUCAutoritate localaEficienta energetica
Primaria MIZILAutoritate localaEficienta energetica
Primaria MOINESTIAutoritate localaEficienta energetica
Primaria ODORHEIU SECUIESCAutoritate localaEficienta energetica
Primaria OLTENITAAutoritate localaEficienta energetica
Primaria ORADEAAutoritate localaEficienta energetica
Primaria PetrosaniAutoritate localaEficienta energetica
Primaria PIATRA NEAMTAutoritate localaEficienta energetica
Primaria PLOIESTIAutoritate localaEficienta energetica
Primaria RaMNICU VaLCEAAutoritate localaEficienta energetica
Primaria RESITAAutoritate localaEficienta energetica
Primaria RUPEAAutoritate localaEficienta energetica
Primaria SATU MAREAutoritate localaEficienta energetica
Primaria SACELEAutoritate localaEficienta energetica
Primaria Sectorului 1 BucurestiAutoritate localaEficienta energetica
Primaria Sectorului 2 BucurestiAutoritate localaEficienta energetica
Primaria Sectorului 3 BucurestiAutoritate localaEficienta energetica
Primaria Sectorului 4 BucurestiAutoritate localaEficienta energetica
Primaria Sectorului 5 BucurestiAutoritate localaEficienta energetica
Primaria Sectorului 6 BucurestiAutoritate localaEficienta energetica
Primaria SIBIUAutoritate localaEficienta energetica
Primaria SIGHISOARAAutoritate localaEficienta energetica
Primaria SLOBOZIAAutoritate localaEficienta energetica
Primaria TaRGOVISTEAutoritate localaEficienta energetica
Primaria TaRGU JIUAutoritate localaEficienta energetica
Primaria Tg. MuresAutoritate localaEficienta energetica
Primaria TIMISOARAAutoritate localaEficienta energetica
Primaria TIRGU NEAMTAutoritate localaEficienta energetica
Primaria TulceaAutoritate localaEficienta energetica
Primaria URZICENIAutoritate localaEficienta energetica
Primaria VASLUIAutoritate localaEficienta energetica
Primaria VoluntariAutoritate localaEficienta energetica
Primaria ZALAUAutoritate localaEficienta energetica
Primaria ZIMNICEAAutoritate localaEficienta energetica
Primaria ZLATNAAutoritate localaEficienta energetica
Primaria Comunei Luncavita
Primaria Constanta
Primaria Eforie
Primaria municipiului Medgidia
PRIMER ELECTROCompanii / Societati comercialeTamplarie
Princer SAConstructii
Proconex Universal SRLConstructii
Proexrom SRLConstructii
Profal Industry SRLConstructii
PROFILE ROPLASTOCompanii / Societati comercialeTamplarie
Proiect Bucuresti Constructii
Proiect Bucuresti Grup Consultanta Imobiliare Constructii
Proiectim Construct SRL (filiala Vest)Constructii
PROINVEST GROUPCompanii / Societati comercialeTamplarie
Project & Finance Investment SRLConstructii
PROTELCONCompanii / Societati comercialeTamplarie
Prototal SRLConstructii
Quality & Creativ Construct SRLConstructii
Quality cert SAConstructii
QUASAR INDUSTRIESCompanii / Societati comercialeTamplarie
Radox SRLConstructii
RAME SISTEME INDUSTRIECompanii / Societati comercialeTamplarie
RAMPA INVESTCompanii / Societati comercialeTamplarie
Real-Casa Construct SRLConstructii
RECONCompanii / Societati comercialeTamplarie
Redgraph SRLConstructii
REI PRODIMEXCompanii / Societati comercialeTamplarie
REMEX CONSTRUCTCompanii / Societati comercialeTamplarie
REYNAERS ALUMINIUMCompanii / Societati comercialeTamplarie
Rivelectric SRL (filiala Galati)Constructii
Robite SAConstructii
Rockwool RomaniaProducator sisteme ETICSEE/ RES constructii
Rom Consult Group SRLConstructii
Romconvert SAConstructii
Romtextil SAConstructii
ROPLAST THERMOCompanii / Societati comercialeTamplarie
Rosim's Unic SRLConstructii
ROTOXCompanii / Societati comercialeTamplarie
Royal Trading Company Ed 2000 SRLConstructii
RUSU CONSTRUCTCompanii / Societati comercialeTamplarie
SAFACompanii / Societati comercialeTamplarie
SAINT GOBAINCompanii / Societati comercialeTamplarie
SC ARCON SRLProducator sisteme ETICSEE/ RES constructii
SC HASIT Romania SRLProducator sisteme ETICSEE/ RES constructii
"SC Saint-Gobain Construction Products Romania SRL RES constructii
SC Lasselsberger-Knauf SRLProducator sisteme ETICSEE/ RES constructii
SCHACHERMAYERCompanii / Societati comercialeTamplarie
Scorillo Intercom SRLConstructii
Search Chemicals SRLConstructii
SERVINTCompanii / Societati comercialeTamplarie
Servland SRLConstructii
Sfdrum Construct SRLConstructii
Sicor SRLConstructii
SIKA ROMANIACompanii / Societati comercialeTamplarie
Sim Prest SRLConstructii
SIMETRIC SERVPRODCompanii / Societati comercialeTamplarie
Sipex Company SRLConstructii
Smart Electrical Equipment SRLConstructii
Smart Expert SRL (filiala Vest)Constructii
Softeh Plus SRLConstructii
Solaron Construct SRLConstructii
Somaco Construct SRLConstructii
SRAC CERTCompanii / Societati comercialeTamplarie
SSAB TC Montaj SRLConstructii
STITERMCompanii / Societati comercialeTamplarie
STORAD EXIMCompanii / Societati comercialeTamplarie
STRIALCompanii / Societati comercialeTamplarie
SUKI GROUPCompanii / Societati comercialeTamplarie
Super con (filiala Galati)Constructii
Symmetrica SRLConstructii
Tancrad SRLConstructii
TEC TELECOM SRLCompanii / Societati comercialeTamplarie
TECHNICAL TRAINING S.R.L.Formare profesionala
TECTUM COMPANYCompanii / Societati comercialeTamplarie
Tehnoinstal SRLConstructii
Tehnologica Radion SRLConstructii
Tehnomontaj Construct SRLConstructii
TEMAD COCompanii / Societati comercialeTamplarie
Tempo Invest SRLConstructii
TER - PAN COMPANYCompanii / Societati comercialeTamplarie
Teraelectric SRLConstructii
TERAPLASTCompanii / Societati comercialeTamplarie
Termo Zaco SRLConstructii
TERMOIZOLANT COMPANYCompanii / Societati comercialeTamplarie
Terracons Civic SRLConstructii
Tess Conex SAConstructii
Tex Construct Intex Solutions SRLConstructii
Tilib SAConstructii
TIMDEX SRLConstructii
TISA IMPEX S.R.L.Formare profesionala
TOTAL INSTALCompanii / Societati comercialeTamplarie
TRITONCompanii / Societati comercialeTamplarie
TÜV Rheinland Romania Consultanta/Servicii; cursuri
Universal Construct Design SRLConstructii
Universitatea "1 decembrie 1918" ALBA IULIAUniversitateFormare profesionala
Universitatea Danubius GalatiUniversitateFormare profesionala
Universitatea de Arhitectura si Urbanism Ion MincuUniversitateFormare profesionala
Universitatea din OradeaUniversitateFormare profesionala
Universitatea Lucian Blaga SibiuUniversitateFormare profesionala
Universitatea Ovidius ConstantaUniversitateFormare profesionala
Universitatea Petrol-Gaze PloiestiUniversitateFormare profesionala
Universitatea Politehnica din BucurestiUniversitateFormare profesionala
Universitatea Politehnica din Timisoara ( Institutul de Cercetari pentru Energii Regenerabile - ICER)UniversitateFormare profesionala
Universitatea Tehnica Gheorghe AsachiUniversitateFormare profesionala
Universitatea Tehnica din Cluj-NapocaUniversitateFormare profesionala
Universitatea Tehnica de Constructii BucurestiUniversitateConstructii
Universitatea Transilvania din BrasovUniversitateFormare profesionala
URBAN C&OCompanii / Societati comercialeTamplarie
UTI Construction& Facility Management SAConstructii
UVT – Universitatea "Valahia"- din TargovisteUniversitateConstructii
Valeanu Emil Octavian Francisc SRLConstructii
VALRAS PRODCompanii / Societati comercialeTamplarie
Vanero SRLConstructii
Varia Prest SRLConstructii
VEKA ROMANIACompanii / Societati comercialeTamplarie
Vent Consulting Team SRLConstructii
VENTIA DECORCompanii / Societati comercialeTamplarie
Verta Tel SRLConstructii
Vialis Edil SRLConstructii
Vidya Project SRL(filiala Vest)Constructii
Viosand Construct SRLConstructii
VLADU TRADINGCompanii / Societati comercialeTamplarie
Wavin Romania SRLConstructii
Western Outdoor SRLConstructii
WINDOORSCompanii / Societati comercialeTamplarie
WINDOW & FACADE TECHNOLOGIESCompanii / Societati comercialeTamplarie
WINKHAUS ROMANIACompanii / Societati comercialeTamplarie
Zeuros Net SRLConstructii